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Steptoe and Son

N.p. [London]: N.p. [BBC] 1965

49 mimeographed pp., secured with split pin to top left corner. 'No. 3 Spare' inked and '396' pencilled to top right corner of title page, with authors' signatures beneath.

First edition. FROM THE AUTHORS' OWN ARCHIVE, AND SIGNED BY THEM TO TITLE PAGE. In this episode, My Old Man's A Tory, Harold holds a local Labour Party meeting at home which his father, a staunch Conservative, does his utmost to disrupt.

Steptoe and Son, played by Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H. Corbett, made their first appearance in a stand-alone episode of Galton & Simpson's Comedy Playhouse in 1962. The show, called The Offer, was promptly commissioned for a full series. By the time the curtain came down in 1974 Steptoe and Son had notched up fifty-seven episodes over eight series, two Christmas specials and two feature film adaptations. At its peak the show was watched by twenty-eight million people every week, and was sold to many overseas territories -- including the USA where, as Sanford and Son, it was a huge hit for NBC.

Unusually for a show of this vintage all episodes of Steptoe and Son have survived, mostly on film transfers from the original videotapes (which were wiped in the 1960s). This episode, however, exists only in a 405-line video transfer.

This script is an unmarked duplicate copy from Galton and Simpson's own archive -- the pencilled '396' on the title page is the file number used for this item in their archive system -- and is signed by both writers.

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