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Our January List: From the Bard to Barbara Windsor

Our January list, issued to coincide with the PBFA Book Fair at Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday 29 January can be accessed HERE - use the links to see the complete listing for each and buy online. 

 Bard Babs Home Jan 22

     SHAKESPEARE, William                                      WINDSOR, Barbara
     Poems                                                                     ALS to TV Director Eddie Joffe
     London: Thomas Evans, 1775                                London: N.p., 1970



Welcome to Neil Pearson Rare Books

Neil Pearson has collected rare books for thirty years: his specialism is nineteenth and twentieth century first edition literature, with a particular interest in the expatriate literary movement of Paris between the wars. He is the author of Obelisk (Liverpool University Press, 2007), a history of the notorious Paris imprint which in the 1930s published the early work of, among others, Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell and Anaïs Nin. In 2011 he researched, compiled and wrote They Were What They Were: A Catalogue of Early Gay Fiction, 1862 -1960. More information about both of these titles can be found here.

After buying books for so many years, he is delighted finally to be selling some.




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